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We are excited to speak at your event!

Whether your event is in-person or virtual, a workshop or Kat is your keynote speaker, each event is tailored to fit your audience and your event! Your participants leave feeling motivated, appreciated, and ready to implement the ideas and tools they heard about throughout the interaction with Kat and her team. 

In order to provide the best experience for your event, please fill out the following information and submit it to our event coordinators no less than 30 days prior to your event along with your final payment. 

You will find Kat's bio, headshots, and office contact information all here on for your use!

We look forward to seeing you at your event!

AUDIO INFO: Lavalier Microphone: Kat has her own headset that will clip into your power pack!

ROOM SETUP: We will be happy to help finalize a room layout that accommodates the level of audience engagement that you have chosen. Please send room diagrams to our team once your details are finalized.

SET UP TIME: Kat's team needs at least 30 minutes to distribute materials and do a sound check without the audience present. Please be sure to schedule this time prior to the event.

STAGE/ RISER: The ideal stage/ riser height for audiences of up to 200 people is 6 to 12 inches and for larger audiences is 12-24 inches. A stage or riser platform is only important if you want your audience to see, engage, and benefit from Kat's message. 

LIGHTS: It's important to aim as much light on the stage as possible. If the venue is a hotel, check to make sure the lights over the stage area are working! and bright!

TABLE: There needs to be a table on stage for props and demonstrations. A standard folding table or something smaller works. Drape the table to class up the joint and you're all set. If you will be using a podium for other parts of your agenda, please make sure it is approx 3 feet back from the front of the stage. Kat will NOT be using the podium.

VISUAL: Kat uses her laptop and will need to have adaptors available or please let us know what she needs to bring with her to connect to the system. Due to copyright, we will not be sending information to your master deck or providing it on a flash drive. Everything plays directly from Kat's laptop.

Let’s Work Together To Make Your Event GREAT!

Thanks for submitting!

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Kat's Headshots

We're here to help!

If you need anything else, please call us!

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